Unicorn Auctions privacy policy explains to users the information they might need to provide us at Unicorn Auctions, how we use those information, how we secure them and the limitations that may result from not providing us with certain information.

It is our commitment to carefully and rightly secure the privacy of every user/visitor. Proceeding with the usage of the site and subsequently using these site clearly indicates you have read and you are in support of these policy if you’re against any part of these policy, you must not proceed in using this service.

Also, since we do not request any document for proof of age before granting you access to use our services, you are hereby warned against the use of these site if you are below the age of 16. Do contact us at report@unicornauctions.org if after reading these policy you want to opt out of the usage of these site or send us a message requesting us to block or disable your account.

Note that there may be changes or modification to the policy stated below and changes takes effect from the day an updated version of these policy is published on these website. Every registered user of these site would be duly notified of any modification or change through e-mail or any other communication media preferred by us at Unicorn Auctions. We at Unicorn Auctions believe you agree to the modified privacy sent to you and published on these site if you continue using our services on these site.

Be assured that, except as stated in these policy, we will not give out any of your information to a third party for any reason they might need it without your consent.

Proceeding with usage of these site and subsequent use of these site show you accept and support our use of cookies
As a user of these site, we may collect and use (for processing your activities on these site) all and not limited to information listed below;

  1. Every information you provide to us at the point of registration, placing order, lodging a complaint or contacting us for assistance.
  2. Information that may be generated in the process of using some of our services on these site.
  3. Information about your computer or any device used to visit our site
  4. Information about your visits to these site and your use of these site including and not limited to your location, IP address, browser type and version, operating system, pages viewed, time spent on each page, time spent on the site at each time of visit, frequency of visit to these site, links clicked, order placed, new item upload and changes made in your personal area and the time it was made(for store owners)

Personal information provided on these site would be used for the purpose of;

  1. Enabling your access to your personal area on Unicorn Auctions
  2. Send you notification of order, any information related to item bought or sent from your store and any other activity taking place in your personal area.
  3. Make payment to and receive payment from you.
  4. Safeguard our site against fraud and scam

All payment to or from us is handled by our bank and payment service providers only. We may share some but not all of your information with them. But, be assured that the information we may supply to them is that needed to process payment made to you from us or payment made from us to you on these site.

We may share part of your personal information with our officials and our visitors as much as it is needed to transact with you on these site. Or to any authorized agency for investigation enablement where necessary. We may also disclose your personal information to the extent we are required to by law to service provider and payment service provider, in case of any law proceedings in defending our legal right.

Every user of these site should note that he/she may not have access to use some part of our services if certain information is not is not provided. Depending on what information you provide us with, there’s is limitation to the use of these site. You may need to provide us with a government issued identity card in case to further verification in some cases to enable your further access to the services we provide. This would be needed if there has been a suspicion of Unicorn Auctions privacy or terms of use violation by you, your account has been blocked and request for it to be unblocked, return and refund claims e.t.c

With the data provided to us by you as guide, we target you as audience in our advertisement on social media and other sites to show you our latest products And services, notify you of upcoming/ongoing promo, upgraded products and services, news updates e. t. c.We are always here to serve you right. Therefore feel free to contact us at our service hour in case of any question or clarification on any part of these privacy policy and terms of use.